Maemo5 linux on N900

Thank you Womworld/Nokia for the trial edition and making my choice a lot easier.This post is curated entirely on N900 notes with microB browser.

I can’t help it!! Its the brick of its time, has always been from the 770, 800, 810 era.
Obviously nothing much to complain, but maybe a little too much to ask from the flimsy Kickstand or just save me the tekken numbness!!
Forget about reading articles in bed, its too dangerous! Don’t worry though you ll get used to the weight, its full qwerty keyboard ll even the weight.

N900 provides a clean HILDON UI with crisp fonts on butter smooth touch. Maemo had done well to mask the complexities of the Linux GUI, yet have been able to provide the clear control as expected from Linux community.

Greetings from the fast 7 sec boot-up time with serene splash image, usual.. but not blasting this time! You touch the device and you feel the back-cover, no glossy palm prints (thank you!). It doesn’t leave any trace at all, even better. Its quite important for me and others with sweaty palm, which bound to be if you look at a platform than a beast. Yes we haven’t went to the beast yet!!

If you are looking at the status area (desktop you might call, eh!!), you ld be admiring its beauty. The views (multiple desktop) organisation with contact, widgets and shortcuts keeps your life within your reach.

Swipe clearly indicates the openGl graphics accelerator and codec supports makes the Multimedia Editition Extraordinary. Video Calling and HDMI TV Out ll keep you tingling. Its packed with all you need for the lazy afternoons!!

The multimedia feature set of the stylus, and the sleek touch screen are A Pair. You ll surely be reaching for the stylus everytime, its definitely the best feature to complement her. The stylus is long enough and flat to slip between the fingers while editing with ease.
Well its resistive touchscreen so no finger swipes. You can be sure no productivity issues are ever going to hinder your progress ever.

The interactive Text is complete with space after word completion. Search is aptly integrated in file manager with ease. The accelerometer transitions are a bit rusty though.

Its a edition with precision that can challenge the Ipad too! Capacitive is not that big issue with me. Its the best series Nokia has ever produced.

Yet the gloomy tale ends with the horrible battery life. I couldn’t keep the device up for more than 4 hrs!! It just isn’t just..
But CA-101 and the DC-11 can atleast promise peace while you are at it!!

With absolute best features in the market and rock solid platform its sure a watch-out in multiple categories. Couldn’t tag it myself! But have to add the serious missed oppurtunities in the tablet section, with Booklet3G.

The rock solid Linux Core, with busybox implementation. GNU/Linux is the miss of this edition. The coreutils-gnu isn’t builtin, its in repository download if you want. But the Xterminal doesn’t do any justice with busybox. Its okay with sh, but bash shortcuts are very hard to loose. Key-placement awkwardness is plain owtright visible and very difficult to manage the terminal shortcuts. Physical keyboard is definitely not my favourite.

Though I couldn’t find anything that is impossible in Maemo. But the devious scarcity of quality utility apps is a concern. Its fairly new and hope it will get share of mods. The application market is based on the Linux repository distribution model.

We are thankfull and support the nokia’s decision to keep Meego for smartphones.

This device is a powerhouse, and a full-time insomniac’s unrest. I hope everyone ll agree, its the best series garnished by Maemo linux community.


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