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linuX User communiTy

The requirement of this hour is Linux acceptability and linux branding.

Multiple distributions of LINUX in the market is our biggest problem. There is no face which can command respect of this beautiful community. But the worst we could do, is tame the beast. Linux was never meant to be closed or confined. We thrive on its Free nature.

The two needs are entwined in its prosperity, one leads to another…

If we cant brand the LINUX , then we can definitely brand the Proteg√©….¬† ,the LINUX USER COMMUNITY.

#solution:: we just need to build the linux user community to cater to a broader spectrum, than confined to any linux distribution or vendor. We need to show what linux can bring to our lives.

Linux Professional Institute course looks definitely a right investment.

I took the liberty to comment on this pressing topic, I am a linux user for quite long to see the deficiencies clear. My intentions are in best interests to the community.

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